5 Signs Outdoor Group Adventure Is Your Soulmate

5 Signs Outdoor Group Adventure Is Your Soulmate

February 14, 2018

...like you needed a sign :) 

Are you someone that likes to experience new things and go on adventures with others rather than going by yourself?  Do you find an experience is enhanced by being able to reminise with others about the fun or struggles you had?  It's OK.  You're not alone.  In fact, the company you keep may be larger than you ever thought.  

Here's five surefire ways to know if group adventure has a special place in your heart:

  1. When out on a group adventure, you are already thinking about what your next group adventure will be.
  2. People that want to go solo are not your "kind" of people.
  3. When you show up for a group adventure and you're the only one there, you immediately walk away.
  4. You get confused when someone states, "I love exploring on my own."
  5. You're so happy when you get done, that you immediately hug everyone in your group, including strangers, and make sure you exchange contact information.

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