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Friday Night De-Compression

Friday Night De-Compression

November 05, 2016

4:39pm on Friday, I decided to close my laptop and be done for the week.  It has been a long week.  It has been a long 2 weeks.  Back to back traveling 2 weeks in a row has that affect.  Also, the work week has been filled with age-old topics which never seem to get solved and are tiring on the brain.  I forced everyone in the house to come on a hike with the dog and I.  The husband was ready.  The kids and their friends slightly complained. The dog looked at me with a look of "Finally, I have been waiting all day!"

We decided to go hike the trails at Sunfish Lake Park (near Lake Elmo) because it is very rare you actually see anyone on the endless trails. It allows the dog to run a little free from her leash.

It was a beautiful fall evening.  60 degrees, no bugs and slight chill in the air.  As we hiked, I heard the mixture of rustling leaves and laughter as the kids and dog ran up and down the trails playing tag or parkouring from tree trunks and rocks. The husband and I enjoyed watching the kids and had some time to connect.  As usual when we go hiking, I said "I love this, we should do this more often."

After an hour of hiking, my goal to de-compress from the week was accomplished.  Mind and soul happy.  Stomach ready for dinner.

Just when we were about to hop into the car to leave, I saw the day and night come together at the top of the hill.  This snapshot is the cherry on top of a beautiful night.

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