How Do I Use These Things? Snowshoeing 101

How Do I Use These Things? Snowshoeing 101

November 14, 2018

As we've stated before, snowshoeing is a great activity for almost everyone.  It's one of those activities that doesn't require a lot of skill or advanced training and why we encourage everyone to give it a try.  At DIRO Outdoors we take a lot of groups out for fun, adventurous group snowshoe outings in and around the Twin Cities and there are some topics that seems to come up repeatedly as we're out and about.  These are:

  • What are snowshoes?
  • How do you put on snowshoes?
  • How do I walk in snowshoes?
  • Should I use trekking poles when I snowshoe?
  • What should I wear when snowshoeing?

To address these topics, we created a two part video series for your enjoyment.  Take a look, share your thoughts, and send us any outstanding questions.


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