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The Lonely Kayak

The Lonely Kayak

April 10, 2017

As Oie and I have been talking to people about DIRO, we have heard a lot of stories that share a common theme.  Many people have been interested in kayaking and purchased a kayak only to let it collect dust and take up space in their garages.  While they had good intentions, they've discovered taking their kayak out of storage, prepping it, installing the rack and getting the kayak on/off the car can be a hassle.  For some people this is enough of a hassle where they just choose not to go and then feel guilty about the amount they've spent on something that just sits in storage.  

Hearing this same story over and over again brings comfort to me in our chosen business model of mobile onsite gear rentals.  No more buying expensive gear, storing it, maintaining it, and transporting it.  Just reserve it online, show up, have a fun day using our gear, and go back home.  What could be simpler than that?

We hope we can inspire people to get outside more often by making it simple and affordable.  We would also like to allow individuals to participate in many different activities without having to wait until they can make the investment.  I realize we're not solving world peace here but letting people keep more money in their pockets, more space in their garage, and have more adventures seems like a good thing.  We'll also keep thousands of kayaks out of therapy by eliminating years of solitude and neglect.  Maybe we'll go down in history as the Dr. Phil of the outdoor industry!  

Wouldn't that be cool?

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