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Winter Activities Are Right Around The Corner

Winter Activities Are Right Around The Corner

October 26, 2016

There's nothing like sitting around a campfire on a cool fall night watching the flames dance in the wind.  For me, it's like nature's television and I could watch it for hours at a time.  The cool air temperatures tonight are a welcome reminder winter is soon approaching and that the winter activities I love to participate in are right around the corner.  It's so exciting!

Even in Minnesota I don't find many who get as excited about winter as I do.  I've always wondered why.  I truly enjoy the new smells winter brings, the squeaking of snow under my snowshoes, the fact that there are no bugs, and how the cold temps make me appreciate the little things like warm running water.  I just feel alive.

We at DIRO Outdoors are hoping to introduce many of you to the magic of winter through our outdoor adventures, activities, and gear rentals.  Some of the activities will be snowshoeing, fat tire mountain biking, and hot tent winter camping.  We'd love to hear what others things you been curious to try and also the reasons that keep you inside during the winter months so we can better cater to your needs.  Please drop us a comment or two and we'll use your input as we plan out our next season of activities.

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