COVID-19: Bike are AVAILABLE! Disinfectant wipes are available onsite for bikes and hands.

About Us

DIRO Outdoors was founded in 2016 by Darren and Oie Dobier.  Our mission is to inspire and outfit the community get outside more often.  We pride ourselves in providing quality equipment, using services convenient to you, and in a manner that is consistent with our values.  Our business has evolved over the years in what what we offer and how we offer it.  Our current focus is on providing bike and snowshoe rentals to those visiting the Stillwater, MN area.  We are also working to bring the joys of biking to other communities with our bike share implementation and management services.

We have been life-long outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Being outside has brought us so much wonderment, happiness, and peace.  We formed DIRO to bring this to others. Our slogan, "find your outer space" is based on the believe that everyone's relationship with Mother Nature is a personal one. So whether you like to go fast and far or slow and stay in your backyard, we encourage you to get outside and explore. We know you'll be glad you did!

- Darren & Oie Dobier