Looking for something fun and active to do with a group of your co-workers, family, or friends? Fat tire bikes offer a new way to experience the outdoors and can take you to places previously difficult or inaccessible on a traditional cruiser or mountain bike and can do it throughout all seasons of the year. Even if you've never mountain biked before, we encourage you to try it. If you can ride a bike, you can fat bike. There are some great locations that are perfect for beginners yet still fun for those more experienced. Our staff will set you up for success and get you rolling in no time.

Our fleet consists of Framed Wolftrax bikes which are from a locally based company in Little Canada. We have bikes to fit all genders, ages as well as bikes with women-specific geometry.

Cross it off your bucket list!

Night Fat Biking!
If you're looking for something new and extremely fun, try fat biking at night! We offer group adventurs and tours that take you out on the trails in the dark with some awesome lights to experience the sounds, smells, and adventure of riding at night. It will make you feel alive!