Group Fat Biking Adventures

Groups LOVE fat tire biking! Riding through the woods together is always filled with laughter and smiles and creates a memorable shared experience for everyone. We specialize in group adventures and make them effortless to setup and participate in. We will help you pick a location that is perfect for the desires and experience level of your group. Then we'll take it from there and work through planning, permitting, park scheduling, and meet you onsite will all the gear. Our guides will then give a brief safety talk, provide needed instruction, and get your group out conquering the trails on your fat bike.

Even if you've never mountain biked before, we encourage you to try it. If you can ride a bike, you can fat bike. There are some great locations that are perfect for beginners yet still fun for those more experienced. Our guides will help you along the way and match the riding pace with your group. In addition, we have fat bikes sizes for kids and adults and thus encourage you to bring the whole family.

Night Fat Biking!
If you're looking for something new and extremely fun, schedule your group fat biking adventure at night! We'll take you out on the trails in the dark with some awesome lights to experience the sounds, smells, and adventure of riding at night. It will make you feel alive!

Standard Pricing

Private Group Adventures

Private Group Adventures

Private, guided shared experiences designed to increase connectedness and centered around fun. Perfect for team building, church groups, sports teams, and clubs. Bikes, helmets, & guides provided.

2 Hours
1-10  People: $400

Plan Your Adventure


Available Group Locations

Lake Elmo State Park

Afton State Park

The wide, off-road, multi-use trails at Lake Elmo Park Reserve in Lake Elmo, MN are perfect for those new to mountain biking or those that prefer a wider trail to ride on. Unlike other trails, there are no obstacles to contend with allowing you to relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Location:  Lake Elmo Park Reserve
Skill Level: Beginner—>Intermediate
Terrain:  Rolling terrain through woods and prairie.


Whitetail Ridge Mountain Bike Trail

Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Whitetail Ridge in Riverfalls, WI is home to 6.18 miles of bike trails. There is a mix of wooded twisty singletrack and open field sections offering tight, twisty singletrack; rock sections; steep climbs and fast downhills. There are also several technical features including bridges, teeters, and a wooden berm.

Location:  Whitetail Ridge Mountain Bike Trail
Skill Level: Intermediate—>Advanced
Terrain: Mix of wooded tight singletrack and open field sections; many obstacles w/bypass.


Lebanon Hills

William O'Brien State Park

There's no better place in the Twin Cities to experience what mountain biking has to offer than Lebanon Hills. There are trails for every level of rider and a practice area to build your skills and confidence. These trails are super fun, fast, and “flowy” with lots of optional challenges for every type of rider. You'll encounter log pyramids, rock gardens, banked corners, and more!

Location:  Lebanon Hills Mountain Bike Park
Skill Level: Beginner—>Advanced
Terrain:  Rolling hills with different degrees of difficulty depending on the section.


Carver Lake Park

William O'Brien State Park

Looking for a super fun, fast, “flowy” trail with lots of optional obstacles? Look no further than Carver Lake Park in Woodbury. This little known gem is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to ride during the day or night. Trails zig-zag through the woods over rolling terrain in a loop that takes you back to the start (typically in less than an hour) allowing you to refuel before deciding to do it all over again.

Location:  Carver Lake Park
Skill Level: Intermediate—>Advanced
Terrain:  Relatively flat with some minor inclines and declines.


Your Favorite Destination

Your favorite destination

If you're not finding a location that perks your interest or have a specific destination in mind, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.  We are always looking for new places to explore so don't be afraid to ask.  We'll do all the work to research viability, permitting, and options and then discuss our findings with you so you can make an informed decision.