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Who is DIRO Outdoors?

One morning in 2016, we began reflecting on our purpose in life.  Was our life's work to implement complex technical solutions for businesses and their customers? Is this work in alignment with our passions?  Unfortunately, it was not.  We knew we wanted to do something centered around what we are passionate about, where we could see the impacts of our efforts firsthand, helped others live a more active lifestyle, and strengthened our community.

For years we have taken many friends and family on outdoor adventures.  We have become addicted to helping folks try new activities, teaching them the basics, providing tips/tricks to do it better, and most importantly, discovering how truly amazing nature is.  We believe the benefits of being an outdoor enthusiast are immeasurable.  This is what we should be doing.  This is our life's work.  DIRO Outdoors was born.

DIRO Outdoors is an adventure company, founded in 2016, which provides a variety of services to help people experience the outdoors in new and fun ways at our local parks, trails and waterways. We are a family-owned business that loves the outdoors, our community and our earth.  Our vision is to have a community of active and healthy outdoor enthusiasts who are protectors of the environment for current and future generations.  

At the heart of our philosophy is a belief that everyone's relationship with mother nature is a personal one.  We thought it important to not define that relationship for people and this gave birth to our slogan "find your outer space".  

An outdoor enthusiast can take on many forms.  Whether you like to sit on your deck gathering sun rays, go hiking through the woods, or wake up every day looking for that next rush of excitement, it doesn't matter.  What's important is to find something you enjoy that brings you closer to nature.  Our activities, gear rentals, classes, and stewardship events are all designed to expose you to many aspects of the the outdoors in hopes that by participating you'll eventually "find your outer space".

 We hope you'll join us!

Oie and Darren Dobier

Meet the Team

Oie Dobier

My favorite outdoor activity? It seems to change every time I am outside. My favorites are hiking, kayaking, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking and snowshoeing.  I love them all for the same reason.  Mother Nature is beautiful and peaceful no matter what time of year or what you are doing. Probably the best way to get to know me is to know what is on my bucket list.  I love the challenge, but often look for easier ways to do things.

Next on my bucket list:

    • Winter Camping - Frigid cold weather while sleeping does not appeal to me, but sleeping in a tent with a wood burning stove sounds like heaven!
    • Ultra Light Backpacking - I love hiking. I do not like the heavy backpacks. Figuring out the best way to enjoy backpacking with as little weight as possible? Challenge accepted.
    • Ultra Marathon - It seems I like to run a marathon every 15 years.  I know most people who run marathons like to do a couple every year.  Not me.  Marathon training is hard work and time consuming. Marathon - done. Trail marathon - done. Ultra marathon - 2024.
    • Lead Climb at Devil's Tower - I have been climbing off and on at the local climbing gym for about 20 years. A few years ago, I decided to take up lead climbing despite my fear of heights/falling. The progression is slow, but someday I want to climb Devil's Tower.

Darren Dobier

If I had to define myself I would call myself an active, creative, silly, tinkering, gear junkie outdoor adventurer with a passion for learning (now that's a mouthful!).   One side of me likes the tranquil beauty of being outdoors and the other side is the adventure seeker.  These likes are often at odds with each other as my need to push harder and go farther doesn't work well with slowing down and enjoying the wonders of nature.  I'm enjoying the found wisdom that comes with getting older to help me find the right balance.

More about me:

    • I love backpacking solo or with my family all throughout the year.  I especially love the Superior Hiking Trail and winter camping.
    • I'm an avid learner and enjoy reading how-to guides, manuals, and product reviews. In fact, that's all I read!  If you have questions about outdoor gear or techniques, I'm here to help.
    • Former slow and steady mountain bike racer and marathoner.  I still love the rush and challenges of mountain biking and really like riding at night in the woods.
    • Enjoy climbing even though my strength-to-weight ratio has always been a limiting factor.
    • Love teaching and interacting with kids
    • Hope to someday hike the entire Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.